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Welcome to Garage Door Repair Oakland CA. We are based in Oakland California and provide various services that include new garage door installation, garage door broken spring replacement, garage door opener repair or replacement and fix off track issues. We have licensed and highly trained technicians who will do the work for you. We offer 24 hour repair services for residential and commercial doors and our reliable garage door experts ensure high level customer service and satisfaction to meet your needs.

Garage Door Repair Oakland CA will assure you that we will give you a trustworthy, satisfaction guarantee and exceptional customer service. All of our technicians are skilled experts and have knowledge on how to fix all kinds of door models in a safe manner.

We will continue to provide the industry with quality products for commercial as well as residential purposes. We can replace broken torsion and extension springs for commercial, residential and industrial properties. Spring replacement should never be done by individuals who don’t have enough knowledge, proper tools and training to perform the job.

If you continue to use your door with broken spring, it will be very dangerous and may lead to additional damage in your garage door as well as the electric opener system. Spring replacement is considered as one of the common repairs in your garage door. The spring comes in a variety of sizes and serves as the balance of your garage door since it lifts the door weight. The spring allows your door to be easily opened and closed with the help of an opener.

We are friendly professionals and have many years of experience in replacing a broken spring. Another service that we offer is garage door opener repair. It is commonly fixed by replacing the worn gears within the garage door opener. Some garage door openers just simply need adjustments and do not require additional parts. Our garage door technicians will immediately fix your garage door opener effectively so that it can be used again.

Oakland CA Garage Door Repair is one of the leading service providers when it comes to repairing your garage door. We also offer a maintenance plan to our customers in order to ensure the ongoing safety and operation of your business and home garage door.

The garage door should be properly maintained and adjusted in order to for it to be used for a long period of time. We can help you and provide you with all the repair parts needed in order to fix your garage door fast. Garage Door Repair Oakland CA will serve as the solution to every problem that you encounter in your business and home garage door.

We offer the best services when it comes to minor and major repairs of your garage door.If you want additional information about our services, just browse our website and we will be glad to assist you with your garage door repair needs. We will be here to fix all your garage door concerns.

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